Kavel is an arcade puzzle game

available •now•

on iOS, Android, Steam and Itch.io!

Kavel is your new crush. A match made in heaven. Be swiped off your feet and let the pieces fall where they may!


Kavel is an accessible puzzle arcade game. Tetrominos from classic block games and the possibility space of your favorite match-3 obsession make this a fresh new puzzle experience.

Rotate and drag the Tetromino to place it onto the puzzle grid. Watch the score rack up and the board adapt. An endless possibility space where you can test your mettle.

Attempt for the highest score among your friends or attempt the challenge of the long list of achievements. There's something here for everyone.



Take your time, plan your strategies and execute at your own pace. The next 50 shapes are yours to command.


The pressure is on! The next 90 seconds are a frantic mad dash straight to the top of score mountain. No time to think, only to rise to the challenge.


Feeling the stress of the day? Is the weather getting you down? Boring meeting? This is where you zone out. There is no end, no obligations, this is a safe space and you're always welcome.

The game looks even more impressive on PC and Mac.

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